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15 November 2011 @ 08:57 pm
I know I'm always on the lookout for awesome Lily/Sev fan fiction recs. I thought I would post a link to three that I have recently enjoyed immeasurably.

1)Sympathetic Magic- http://ls269.deviantart.com/ This is a full length novel that is near complete. The author is working on the last few chapters as we speak. This story is freak'n amazing. It takes place at the end of Lily and Sev's fourth year but mostly takes place during their 5th year. It starts out as canon but slowly veers away from it. It is absolute magic. I cannot say enough amazing things about this story. Lily/Sev are perfect in it. Lots of amazing sarcastic banter and the story is beyond imaginative and out of this world creative. The best way I can describe it is by saying: IT'S EPIC. Just read it. You won't be disappointed.

2)Sectum Nihilis- http://evyheartway.deviantart.com/art/Sectum-Nihilis-140479606 Sev teaches Lily the counter curse to Sectumsempra before she is married. This one shot is breathtakingly beautiful. It will break your heart.

3)Where Would I Be if I Didn't Know You?-http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/yemeron/WWIBIIDKY2_01.html This one shot delivers a sucker punch to the heart. Sev shows up at Lily's doorstep while James is gone, emotional conversation ensues. Really perfect dialogue here, a sort of bittersweet scene. Won't tell you more than that I don't want to give anything away but trust me this is a must read, one of the best Lily/Sev pieces I have read in a long time. :)
12 November 2011 @ 10:34 pm
Hello everyone,

I just came across this video tonight and thought I would share the link here. It contains a little bit of extra footage of Severus and Lily from Deathly Hallows part 2. The deleted scenes that are shown are ultra short, but one of them really made me wish it would have been included in the final product (the snippet in question starts at around 0:45).


11 November 2011 @ 09:19 pm
I'm new to this comm and have already benefited so much from recs and people's postings! Where have you been all my life?

I'm going to be greedy now, and try to tap the collective brain of this comm. Do you have any links to AU Lily/Severus fic? Ones that your particularly remember and enjoyed? I adore Observations of the Summer of '75 and am heartbroken it's not completed. Does anyone know any other fics that place these two characters in an AU world? I'd be interested in pieces that are more grounded in the world of Harry Potter as well! Thanks!!
11 November 2011 @ 10:35 pm
Title: Potions
Author: heliopath_army 
Rating: PG. 
Characters: Severus Snape/Lily Evans, James Potter, Albus Dumbledore
Disclaimer: Nope. Harry Potter is (unfortunately) not mine. And I'm (unfortunately) not making any money.
Wordcount: 5906
Genre: Angst, Romance, Reflection
Summary: Flashes of Severus's relationship with Lily during their Hogwarts years, the times they brewed potions together. 

"Lily had brought it alive, cast a spell that made the castle gleam with magic and secrets just waiting to be discovered."
09 November 2011 @ 11:48 pm
Title: Weigh My Body Down
Author/Artist: luna_plath
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,649
Genres: angst, romance
Characters: Snape/Lily
Warnings: character death, attempted suicide, violence, undead sexual relations, angst, mature language
Summary Severus blames himself for Lily’s death and, inadvertently, tries to trade his life for her own. Three years later the consequences for his actions seek him out.

"And your marriage vows?" he asked
30 October 2011 @ 05:31 pm


Video is about Snape's final moments and recollections/regret and his lost friendship with Lily, it is also about how Harry is feeling about the man dying in front of him.
23 October 2011 @ 08:13 pm
Holy OMGoivjoe;nf;oJGVIfjm!!! I am in LOVE with this scene. This is why I plan on buying the extended version box set of all 8 movies. Because they leave out awesome moments such as these. And I don't care what anyone says, Alan Rickman is perfection.

12 October 2011 @ 11:00 pm
Sorry for bothering again with another request of fic recommendation, I just feel I've reached the point where I've read everything that was written... but I want moar!

So, can anyone rec me a multichaptered AU fic where Severus and Lily get together other than The Moment It Has Began and The Road Not Taken? I loved the former one and I think the second lacks terribly of character development for Snape.
09 October 2011 @ 06:57 pm
I have noticed before that most of the SSLE darkfics take place in a canon scenario while the "nice" fics are mostly AU where Severus has a change of heart or something. I love both of these dynamics but I'm looking for some kind of a middle ground: I want a canon-compliant fic that shows the bright side of Severus' and Lily's relationship, the beautiful side, the constructive side. I don't care if it's a sad fic of if it has it's dark shades, since it shows their friendship as something more than just a toxic self-destructive thing.  Could you guys rec me some, please?
07 October 2011 @ 09:26 am
Hello, I'm not sure if I can do this or not. I didn't see anything in the rules against it, but I am sorry if this breaks the rules in any way...

My friend and I have started a new fic fest community that celebrates the pairing of Snape and Lily. It's a month long ficathon that runs through the month of January. If you think you may be interested please go to silverdoefest

The goal of the community is to have at least one fic per day throughout the month of January (but more than one fic is certainly most welcomed). We think Snape and Lily are awesome and why not have an entire month dedicated to them?

We look forward to seeing you at silverdoefest!