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Severus/Lily : Fic, Art, et cetera
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Welcome to snevans, a community for those who support Severus Snape/Lily Evans.

On-topic posts include fic, art, discussions, challenges or links of any rating. Anything not on-topic will be deleted, and that includes flaming of other ships. We're here to support ours, not bash theirs. Most things related to Snape/Lily are welcome. It's up to you to use your common sense with what's on and off topic; fics/art that aren't obviously shippy are also welcome, as long as the main characters are Severus and Lily.

Community Rules:
thanks to padfootnprongs for having good rules that i have modelled this after.

1. No netspeak, please, and the spellchecker is your friend.
2. Fics should be beta'd. Don't have one? Just ask! If you can't find one, at least spellcheck it and all that copyediting goodness.
3. Fics/Art should be labelled with title, author/artist, rating, summary and any applicable warnings. Please state if you would like or appreciate constructive criticism; though not stating it doesn't mean you won't get it. :D
4. Anything over 200 words, anything NC-17, and all art should be posted behind cut tags. Don't know how to do cut tags? Go here!
5. Feed the writers/artists! Leave feedback if you like something; it's much appreciated and will encourage the author/artist to post more.
6. If you think something is inappropriate then contact me [killerbeautiful], giving me a link and saying why you think so (preferably stating how it breaks the rules, not that you just don't like it) and I'll judge whether it is or not.

If you have any relevant links you think should be added then please contact the admin with the details. I'd love to be affiliated with other communities so if you know any, send them my way! :) All fics, drabbles, art and discussions will be archived in the memories.

art in the icon by the lovely linnpuzzle.

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